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Maintain a clear vision, stay open, remain true to yourself, and keep learning constantly.

Crafting the best honey requires the efforts of many bees. The contribution and balance of the surroundings are crucial. Thanks to all who have contributed and will continue to do so in the future.


Annette Hilberg

Annette Hilberg

Founder – Client Relation - focused on well being of human and plants and their coexistence

Energetic, creative, passionate that has no fear in doing and telling things freely.

Michele Pasquero

Michele Pasquero

Founder, Agronomist - and professor, responsible for the health of our plants and of our fruits

Energetic, doer that only stops when music allows. Loves plants and animal and is profoundly generous.

Nicola Pasquero Hilberg

Owner - Elder son of Michele and Annette - with extensive European experience

Creative doer, curious dreamer. Loving excellence and enriching experiences.

Laurent Miconi

Laurent Miconi

Vigneron – Production - Responsible for the production side, both in the vineyard and in the cellar

Caring, positive thinker, loves contact with animals (specially dogs & horses) and people.

Ana Lucut

Ana Lucut

Vigneron – Fine work - Responsible for fine work in the countryside as in the cellar

Flexible doer, proud of her excellent contribution, protective and caring for the team & family.



Albino Sacco

Pruning & occasional field support

Armando Grasso

Vigneron & occasional field support

Ermanno Cordero

Enologist & Analysis

Aldo Grasso

Vigneron & occasional field support


Rina Pasquero

Picking & occasional field support

Vittoria Grasso

Picking & occasional field support

Alessandro Ferrier

Picking & occasional field support

Barthelemy Cepa

Picking & occasional field support


Christina Marello


Luca Bosco

Associate Beekeeper


Aline Pasquero

Water Drawing & Handpaint

Nils Pasquero

Advisory & Research

Katja Hilberg

Labels & Corporate identity

Stefano Di Benedetto

Labels print


Simona Cosimo

Web design & Web site


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