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Where farming tradition intersects with science, ‘Bio-Ergo-Dynamics’ represents our philosophy. It embodies our commitment to producing in harmony with nature’s rhythms and revitalizing biodiversity.

Centered on the vigneron’s work as:  positive pivot, decision-maker & engaged in concrete actions.


Restoring biodiversity


Blending the expertise of Vigneron & Science


Embracing a holistic approach and understanding micro-macro relations

We prioritize exceptional quality over quantity, relying on human expertise in decision-making. Our thriving environment fosters vigorous plants, yielding fruits rich in flavor. Natural interactions among microorganisms significantly impact fermentation, creating wines with dry mineral qualities and diverse, rich flavors.


Careful cover-cropping: Planting specific vegetation considering slope, terrain, geography, and previous years to counter climate change effects.


Reasonable thinning: Choosing superior clusters in the green phase considering plot, clone, yield, and desired vision.


 To craft great wines, process setting is at service in order to avoid or reduce any additive element into the winemaking process. Materials, temperature, natural gas, dynamics of fluids and mechanics are tools to keep all “pristine”.

Excellence First

Restoring nature

Embracing an active role in ecological restoration, we’ve expanded our forested areas, established structural green corridors, and introduced the ‘Cantun Vard’ concept. This approach incorporates permaculture principles, planting tall trees, diverse fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Our aim is to create a habitat that shelters and nourishes larger animals within our yards.


“Cantun Vard” creation: Prioritize green corners over single planted rows or hedges, aiming to establish real green zones with diverse plant life for animal shelter (more than 40% of our farm surface is wild).


Natural geology protection: Avoid flattening hills for vineyards, create slopes for wild zones, understand water flow, and preserve natural drainage patterns.


Valuing water resources: Counter climate change with anti-drainage actions, dense cover cropping, terracing to retain water, and anticipate intense climatic events.

We believe in the active role of the winemaker within a socially conscious ecosystem. Ensuring respectful treatment, proper training, and fair remuneration for farmers are fundamental principles. We contribute to society through various means, such as offering free tastings and educational sessions for students, extending support to autistic children, and collaborating with local socially engaged organizations.


Respectful treatment: Mutual respect is crucial; balanced life, feeling valued by colleagues and neighbors; collaborators are family, deserving utmost respect.


Commitment to education: Great respect for teaching roles; engaging children and sommeliers in understanding viticulture beyond sustainable agriculture.


Support for the vulnerable: Sharing fortune with differently-abled, autistic, or those facing challenges; they hold a special place in the company.


Scientia est Potentia

Anchoring human knowledge at our core, we enthusiastically embrace technology and science. Our extensive scientific background as engineers enables us to approach these ideas with a progressive and science-driven mindset. However, our appreciation for music, arts, and the allure of the ‘unexplainable’ also holds significance. Hence, we always leave room for exploration and embrace the ‘unknown and unexplainable,’ allowing space for tests and discovery.

Moon’s significance: Symbolizes constant presence, distant yet significant; traditional knowledge passed down; not entirely explainable by science; high regard for traditions, moon phases, and nature; followed and respected.


Progressive approach: Tradition respected as a future foundation, not anchoring to the past; continual creation, innovation, testing; openness to tests enhancing wine, plants, and lives.


Beyond natural sciences (math, chemistry, physics); agricultural, medical, technological, social sciences, humanities equally valuable; holistic perspective in approach.