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A visit? Great! Please give us a call to arrange, as we might be in the vineyard

It’s a pleasure for us to connect with people and passionate guests, as this interaction is key to our experience. 

Each tasting is planned to last approximately 1.5 hours and includes:

  • A short walk in nature, focusing on geology and geography.
  • A tasting of 3 of our wines.
  • A mini pairing with the 3 wines, which is vegetarian-friendly. (Please specify if vegan options are needed.)

Icon discovery |
3 wines

25 /person
  • 3 of our Iconic wines:
  • Vareij (French Bragat)
  • SullaStella (Barbera)
  • ValMartin (Nebbiolo)

Icon + Riserva |
6 wines

50 /person
  • 3 Icon wines:
  • Vareij (French Bragat)
  • SullaStella (Barbera)
  • ValMartin (Nebbiolo)
  • 3 Riserva:
  • Mon Suri
  • Mon Seij
  • Atem 11

Hilberg Workshops

100 /person
  • 1h30 of workshop dedicated to one of the following themes:
  • Soils – their constructions and importance in Hilberg winemaking
  • Plants – conflicts & coexistence with other plants what do we favour
  • Animals – which animals are present what do we protect and look for