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Monselli is one of the plots of free-range vines that are at least 100 years old, from which we are mass selecting for our younger vines or replacing damaged plants. This vineyard is capable of producing extraordinary flavours, elegant and persistent at the same time. It is for this reason that it has given its name to our Barbera Superiore Reserve.


Expressing the dark, yet richly fresh side of the Barbera grape variety. Its robust body and lively acidity sometimes require ageing for a longer period in wood, in order to temper its energy. This wine originates from the Langhe and is inspired by the great wines of southern France. It seeks to assert its distinctively Piedmontese character, aspiring to become part of the prestigious group of great wines.

Moments: Share this with those who appreciate controlled power and fresh, vibrant wines.

Classic: Meat Cannelloni, Cheese Gnocchi, or pork with herbs.

Adventurous: Recommended with deer and blueberry sauce by Nordic wine enthusiasts.

Vegetarian: Enjoy with a creamy vegetable risotto, preferably with mushrooms.