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Historically, in Piedmontese, ‘Suri’ indicated the most vocated plots of land, those that expressed the greatest complexity and in some way the potential for ageing. This is the vision that inspires this wine: a reserve to be enjoyed today but with great potential for the future… Ready to be enjoyed today, but destined for greatness in time.


Micro plots of Nebbiolo that are at least 40 years old are processed separately and grassed, and then placed in small or large wooden containers depending on the characteristics of the individual plot – sometimes even using new wood up to a maximum of 20%. The aim is to allow the tannin to mature for a couple of years in the wood and prepare it, after at least 4 years of maturation, to continue its development in the bottle).

Moments: Ideal for cherished occasions with friends, pleasing red wine enthusiasts.

Classic: Perfect with New Zealand’s grilled meats and pairs well with dark/bitter chocolate.

Adventurous: Risotto with oyster catcher, herb-infused hare, and intense red meats cooked with herbs.

Vegetarian: Grilled portobello mushrooms seasoned with herbs and balsamic glaze.