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Monteforche is the highest hill of Priocca in the western Roero overlooking the Tanaro. When vinifying the different plots separately, we have always indicated ‘Sul Monte’ as a reference to define the area of origin, inspiring a certain freshness and vision. We have instead avoided including the term ‘forche’


The aim is to carefully care for each microplot in order to obtain a wine of great elegance and refinement. The different exposures, clones and age of the vines allow fermentation in different containers as required, using manual punching-down, with submerged cap in wooden and cement vats. The grapes are harvested at phenolic ripeness, seeking soft and elegant tannins. An excellent expression of elegance and terroir.

Moments: Ideal for refined companions who appreciate elegant wines and precise intensity.

Classic: Duck breast, pheasant, or quail with fruity glaze or berry reduction.

Adventurous: Rosemary-scorched tuna on a salad with pomegranate dressing.

Vegetarian: Tagliolini with truffle makes an ideal match.