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The first inhabited settlement of Priocca is believed to have been the Colle della Stella (Star Hill), located along the road from Alba to Asti. This hill rises in a sunny and open position over the Tanaro valley, facing Barbaresco. The white clays in this area are the main source of the grapes that make up this wine. Each plot of land also has its own name added, such as Ramarro, Ciliegio, Rosmarino, etc., to delineate specific identities and characteristics.


The vines enjoy constant ventilation, allowing excellent temperature range and healthy ripening of the grapes, which are fundamental aspects when adopting a bio-ergodynamic approach. We carefully process these grapes to obtain great expressiveness of the fruit, also considering how this late acidity can balance its power (through micro-oxygenation and malolactic fermentation), and enrich its body with minerality and expressiveness (through contact with fine lees and slow maturation).

Moments: Best shared with patient friends who appreciate its unfolding flavors.

Classic: With Polenta and spezzatino meat.

Adventurous: Try anchovies with root vegetable & herbal sauce.

Vegetarian: It complements Ratatouille or vegetable stew.