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Our family is commonly known as ‘Varè’ because they lived in proximity of ‘Varai’ – a closed valley facing north. When we selected the name for our wine, a wine so unique that it has characterised our winery for generations, we ‘mispronounced’ the term, adopting the Nordic version ‘Vareij’.


The mass selection of the ‘French Bragat’ grape gives an extremely elegant and refined aromaticity. During fermentation with a Barbera part, the wine also acquires structure, acidity and a colour that allows it to evolve over time. As the years go by, this aromaticity and its juicy character will transform into notes of almond and vegetal hints… A freshness to appreciate to the full!< /p>

Moments: Perfect for a hot summer day on a terrace, enjoy it chilled like a white wine.

Classic: Fresh Robiola, salami, fish soup, summer salad. or fish like sea bass with olive oil and pomegranate.

Adventurous: Consider pairing it with mildly spiced Asian cuisine, Thai basil chicken or Indian butter chicken.

Vegetarian: Try with spicy Surinamese dishes, or vegetable curry.